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Home: Servo Tapping Machine

Servo Tapping Machine's brief introduction:
Small tapping machine (Servo Tapping Machine)can be standalone tapping operation, also can cooperate stamping manipulator in tapping online Tapping shaft number range and maximum tapping area, can be made according to the actual needs of customers When change the different model, can in fixture board, easy and quick adjustment teeth attack position Man-machine interface operation, setting and adjustment easy Fixture on the broken screw tap detector is optional The same tapping equipment, grain can attack at the same time different teeth

Advantages of Servo Tapping Machine:
When the number of the product too dense to adopt more shaft for processing, Servo Tapping Machine will be your ideal choice. The number of the minimum machining center distance is not restricted. Cross table using servo motor and precise grinding level match the ball screw transmission, accurate, low noise.

characteristics of the Servo Tapping Machine

Servo motor drive, speed arbitrary adjustable
Direct input tapping stroke, parking precision, can be used in the blind hole tapping
For different teeth from tooth hole, precision tapping at the same time
Optional automatic oil supply system, more fuel-efficient, more efficient
Multi-function screen display, more powerful, use more intuitive and convenient
Can implement efficient collocation automatic sliding table fixture, tapping (optional)
Can directly match Japan original installation import precision flexible shaft, implementation side or faceted tapping
Can make extension shaft design, realize super close minimum (6.5 mm) (optional)
Optional table lifting mechanism actively, further improve product take put convenience

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